Monday, April 1, 2013

Straight Haired Girl is Back

Hey Y'all.
How you been?

Yes, I took a 5 month absence from the blogging world.  It was a weird season of life and I couldn't really find a voice for this blog . . . or let's just say a pleasant voice for this blog. I just reviewed my 10 drafts in blogger and most were cringe worthy. Ringing with the sound of whining, ungratefulness, and misery. I was working around 12 hour days to appease the unappeasable. My best friend since 17 moved to Japan, and the cherry on top was being a victim of a company layoff.   There are several other "mini" things that happened in between, but trying to write a blog from that place is hard and I didn't want to do it. 

So I bring you good news! The storms have settled and I feel more encouraged about life and the ups and downs than I have ever before.  This isn't the first time several life changing things have happened to me in a short amount of time.  I didn't handle it well at 22 so this go-round at 25 I knew myself better and knew what to expect. I knew I couldn't do it alone. My friends, family, and boyfriend just stepped it up and were downright awesome. I could be that annoying person on social media who shouts those people out individually every day with how much I love them, how amazing they are, and they are better than your family, bestfriends, boyfriend, but let's be honest and say those people are the most annoying people ever. I mean ever.

Eight weeks of no work is kind of amazing. There is a lack of income but because of that you find joy in the smallest of things. I read, slept, laughed, and danced more than I have since probably college. It was awesome. Don't get me wrong it was stressful but awesome. I'm celebrating this Easter season with a new sense of appreciation and joy.  I have been blessed with a new job where I honestly believe I will be very happy. I'll be posting soon on things going on currently, my advice for if you ever get laid off, and how to make the best egg sandwich (I've had lots of time to practice). Until then let me catch you up on the past five months via pictures!

You know those people who are just down right awesome? Yeah, I play kickball with those people every Tuesday night.  We may not be the team with the most wins, but we are always the team that is having the most fun. 

Sarah & I went to Vegas! It was pretty amazing to have that weekend with her & Alyssa.

In Vegas I got to see my other BFF and Vegas resident Alyssa and meet her beautiful baby girl Baylor. I love these girls.

Speaking of love & girls . . . shortly after Vegas Alyssa made the trip to Charleston. Needless to say getting TRIO time twice in one month is pretty fantastic.

And as you saw from pictures above I cut around 5 inches off my hair. I'm still Straight Haired Girl just not Long Hair Don't Care Girl. I like the shorter hair, but I miss throwing my hair in a up in a messy bun. Messy buns were my favorite. 
(Selfie pic rule: Before & after selfie pics are acceptable only two times a calendar year)

Dana & I celebrated one year of officially dating with a trip to Asheville. If you haven't had the pleasure of going to Asheville I recommend you plan a trip ASAP. Especially if you're a craft beer enthusiast.

Tupelo Honey Cafe was my favorite place. That is homemade jam & honey on a homemade biscuit people. YUM!

This is Dana doing a high kick (which he is extremely proud of) on one of the top 10 nights of my life. This was the week I was laid off. We went to a comedy show, played some pool, and ended up on an empty dance floor with some new & old friends on a random Thursday night. It was exactly what I needed. I get to wake up to this man every day. It's the most fun. 

I celebrated turning 25 this year in February. It was a really fun week- because girls get birthday weeks if not birthday months. So yes, I had so much fun that I didn't take a single picture other than this one of cupcakes. Three of which Dana, myself & our waitress already consumed . . .

I took a letterpress class at Redux Studios downtown. It was my birthday/Valentines day present from Dana. I learned how to mix & roll ink on to the machine & setup cool things like this. I also learned how to run the print. If I didn't find a job by the summer my plan was to do an internship with these people. I wanted to make things again and that is still my goal.

We did a lot of downtown visits in my 8 weeks of being without a schedule. When it was 75 degrees in January we caught some Charlestonians tightrope walking by the battery. I need this weather back in my life.