What I read

Here are the blogs I read daily. Yes, daily.

all over the place I know. 

Here are some of my friends. They don't post often because they don't get paid for it like the above, but they still have amazing things to say.

Meghan is the most honest blogger I have read yet. Her posts make me laugh and nod my head with agreement throughout. She is a dear friend I miss very much.

Ashley needs to blog more. Her blog posts are short, easy to read, and fun. I say, "I wanna . . ." after most of her posts. She is a soon to be mommy that could do work on making the world a more beautiful place. Second most craftiest person I know.

Julia was my roommate from May 2009 to August 2010. I found her on craiglist and she has seen me at my absolute worst and still chose to love me and be my best friend. We are like the odd couple but slightly more loving.  

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