Friday, June 22, 2012

Straight Haired Girl Gets a Girls' Trip

Along with my Birchbox last week I also received my tickets to The Music Midtown Festival in Atlanta!  Consider this to be the first of many posts about the event.  The lineup includes Joan Jett, Pearl Jam, Ludacris, Florence + The Machine, The Avett Brothers, Girl Talk, and more! The festival will be two days of nonstop singing, dancing, and creating memories with my college roommate, best friend, and other half, Julia! It should be noted that this overdue girls’ trip was made possible by the ridiculous generosity of my boyfriend. I wish I could use his name but he doesn’t want to be mentioned in the blog due to him living a second life with a wife & three children (kidding).  Seriously though, the man deserves a shout out in the blog for that.

Julia and I will be missing the Carolina & Missouri football game but I feel this will be well worth it. We talk about the festival daily and have already decided to go full hipster for this special occasion. I feel the more I look like a flower child the happier I will be. I’m going to attempt to chalk my hair, pull off the oversize tank with bandeau top underneath look, and if it’s real hot I may throw on some jorts (ok, the last part will definitely not happen but it’s fun to dream).

I want this weekend to be completely ridiculous. I want to look back on the festival and the time I’ll spend with Julia and instantly crack a smile at the thought of it. I may be starting my quarter century life crisis a few months early, but I know I’m in no rush to settle into adulthood and slow down my life. Now is the time to do all the things I ever wanted and a music festival with my best friend is definitely on that bucket list somewhere. I can’t wait!

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  1. wow that boyfriend must be super awesome! I wish I had a man like that....